Polished Stainless Steel Single/Pair/Double/Coastal Rolling Rack

This is a work of art! Full stainless steel construction with 316 stainless fixtures and fitting including wheels. This rack is perfect for high corrosion environments.

  • 2100m high (top of top arm)
  • 800mm arms – can accomodate 8 x single scull, 8 x pair/double or 4 x coastal single/double
  • Two x fixed wheel and 2 x rotating wheel (with locks) with tiller to allow one person to move the rack safely
  • Delivery Australia wide is available
  • Price: $3,000 (stainless steel is very expensive)
  • Contact: Alastair Isherwood on 0488622208 or email al@pbrowing.com.au

Please note this is not a galvanised rack but full stainless steel.