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2016 Hudson U1.31 Ultimate Super Predator Single Scull

Top of the line with full carbon everything as per the Hudson Boat website (  Boat comes with all of Hudson’s USP extras which include:• padded rigger cover,• trestles,• padded boat cover,• spares kit,• tool kit,• bat logic shoes size 12US,• bat logic shoe erg converter shoe plate – all new.• set of Concept 2,

Expedition Wherry

5.46 M GRP Ply Sandwich, Bow and  Stern compartments filled with foam, bow and stern cargo holes, floatation tanks in cockpit, Roller seat and outriggers by Plantedosi (USA), Croker oars. NSW registered trailer. Full fitted sunproof boat cover. Runs true and is fast. Originally designed for camping trip around the UK. Good in a sea.  Owner

18 x Single Sculls (SOLD)

We trade in single sculls all year round. If you are interested in second hand single sculls please contact Alastair at PBR on 0488 622 208 or As part of a fleet replacement program for a Private School in Melbourne Perfect Balance Rowing have 18 traded Wintech Club Racer single sculls available for sale.

Expedition Rowing Skiff – 4.6 metre Joansa Design Excellent condition

Excellent condition – Photos available by text or email• Joansa Design – New Zealand• Lapstrake ply epoxy Resin construction• Sykes designed outriggers and sliding seat with carbon fibre oars• Front and rear watertight lockers• A range of boat covers for storage and camping.• Dunbier Road Trailer with lights.This boat was built in 2013 by my