Terms & Conditions


Any information provided by Rowtrade is intended for your general knowledge only, and is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment

Posting a classified: Terms and conditions

  • Rowtrade is a free service. However to ensure it remains viable, we do ask that you consider contributing 1% of your sale price as a token of your appreciation for Rowtrade. Information on how you can contribute to Rowtrade will be sent to you after your classified has been posted
  • Adverts that contravene the terms and conditions, or are suspected of misusing the classifieds board will be removed. The Rowtrade webmaster reserves the right to remove adverts without notice
  • By posting a classified, you agree to inform Rowtrade admin of the need to make any changes to your classified, and will inform Rowtrade admin when your classified is no longer valid (ie. Your item has sold, or been found)
  • Rowtrade is committed to keeping classifieds online and in print for 3 months. If after 3 months you wish to readvertise your classified, you are welcome to do so (without charge)

Buying and selling: Terms and conditions

  • Rowtrade has no involvement in the transaction between buyer and seller, and will not be held responsible in any way should there be an issue with the transaction
  • The free classifieds board is intended for use by private individuals or school/ club administrators
  • Boat manufacturers or any commercial entities wishing to advertise their product in Rowtrade will be charged an advertising fee

Advertisers: Terms and conditions

  • Payment must be received before an advertisement will be published
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that their advertisement has been received by Rowtrade admin prior to the published closing date for the next print edition however we will endeavour to facilitate this process as much as is practicable
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure their advertisement is current, and does not include misleading or inaccurate information