Category: Coastal Rowing Boats

*Price reduction* Leo Coastal single

 Imported from Sweden (Leo Coastal rowing), via New Zealand. Length: 5.84 m, beam: 0.75 m,  Weight: 35 kg, black in colour (some scratch marks to paint from loadings and transport), has attachments for security line both fore and aft and tows well behind boat, outfitted with bouyancy compartments, a watertight hatch for valuables , storage for a water

Expedition Wherry

5.46 M GRP Ply Sandwich, Bow and  Stern compartments filled with foam, bow and stern cargo holes, floatation tanks in cockpit, Roller seat and outriggers by Plantedosi (USA), Croker oars. NSW registered trailer. Full fitted sunproof boat cover. Runs true and is fast. Originally designed for camping trip around the UK. Good in a sea.  Owner