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Latest Issue of Rowtrade!

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Against Rowing Shoes – Sale!

Used by Empacher, the Against rowing shoe is a great upgrade to any rowing boat. Available in matte blue or yellow the shoes are also available with bulk order discounts. Buy 7 pairs and get the 8th pair free or 10% off for 8 pairs or more purchased in any one order. Shipping is $15

Why reverse riggers?

Around 2009 Filippi introduced the reverse wing sculling rigger and for many people around the World this was their first introduction to a rear mounted rigger. For us in Australia however the reverse rigger was introduced by the legendary Ted Hale on his Chinese made boats in the early 2000s. Prior to this, both Empacher

Active-Tools Activeflow

Active-Tools re-invigorates Rowing Electronics Choices for rowing electronics have been few and far between for as long as most of us can remember.  Just as competition on the water improves the performance of all of us the same applies off the water.  Ultimately we all benefit from advances in technology and Active-Tools have become a

Against Rowing Shoes Review

Empacher are known for the quality (and price!) of their boats with a no compromise attitude to the way they build their boats.  So when it came to finding the best shoe to put in their boats they chose Against rowing shoes.  Founded by Davide Pojer, a passionate designer and rower, Against rowing is renowned

Rowtrade goes digital !

In light of rowing clubs being closed and people not being at their places of employment, Rowtrade has gone digital only for the immediate future. You can access Rowtrade digitally by: Following the Latest Issue link on the Rowtrade website (see here) Subscribing to the Rowtrade eNews, to receive the latest issue of Rowtrade in