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SCULL OARS WANTED – Sydney to Brisbane

Do you have any old sculling oars lying around the boatshed, unused and collecting dust? I am wanting to buy a pair of oars (any brand) to use for training over the Summer. I am willing to travel anywhere between Sydney and Brisbane. If you have something suitable, please contact Rory on 0431 582 143

Wanted: lightweight women’s single scull

I dropped and broke my single scull; it was old and not worth spending the money to repair.It was a Ted Hale with reverse (bow-mounted) rigging, and I’d like to stay with the reverse rigging, but I’d prefer a Sykes.It’ll have to be used, as I cannot afford a new one. Located in Brisbane, QLD

Wanted: stern coxed quad/ four

The North Esk Rowing Club, located in Launceston, Tasmania, is seeking to purchase a quad/four in great conditions with the following specifications:Stern coxed.Speaker system fitted.Coremat hull preferred.Full set of sweep and sculling wing riggers.Average crew weight: 60-80kg.Manufactured in 2010 or later.Please contact if you have a boat for sale that matches our requirements.

Wanted: heavyweight mens single scull

Looking for a decent racing single scull, not too worried about the brand, must be 90+ KG not older than 2010 model, ideally includes oars, stroke coach etc the more extras the better. Located in Victoria but happy to organise interstate transport. $6000 total approx price. If you have something suitable, please contact Angus on