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Scotch College VIC equipment turnover

Scotch College (Vic) has the following items available. Please come and inspect these items if you are interested. Contact to take a look or for more information. 1. Sykes 857 Eight. Built 2019. Wing Rigger. Project B Shoes in excellent condition. Batlogic footplates. Carbon seats and footstretchers. Boat in fantastic condition. $35,000. 2. Concept2 skinny

Sweep oars for sale

Pymble Ladies College (Sydney) have the following oars for sale: Sweep Oars for Sale Croker M2 Soft Superlights $250ea O.N.O. All in good and well-kept condition, narrow pink grips. M2 Soft – Standard blade M2 Soft – Cut blade All prices exc. GST Contact Lewis Gray on 0409 554 348 or