Ergo Coach by Rowfit

Designed and developed by multi international medal winning coach John
Driessen, the Ergo Coach by Rowfit has been developed to give instant and simple visual feedback to the athlete and coach. The Ergo Coach is an apparatus compatible with all Concept 2 ergometers – simply bolt the base between the seat and the carriage on your ergo, then slot the protruding bar in to place. When not required, the protruding bar can quickly be removed leaving only the seat base intact. This ensures that your ergo can very easily be returned to its normal state for use by other athletes in your shed. The Ergo Coach can assist athletes to correct a number of common technical issues, including: •Incorrect sequencing •Handle speed in and out of the catch •Not enough length in the early part of the recovery •Incorrect handle height The simplicity of the design is deliberate, and allows rower and coaches to easily identify and address technical issues. The handle height and the distance between the seat and the handle are fully adjustable, ensuring the Ergo Coach is suitable for use by any athlete in your club or school shed no matter their size. Equally as suitable for teaching beginners as coaching seasoned athletes, the Ergo Coach is a great addition to any boat shed. For more information about the ergo coach, visit

The Ergo Coach can be purchased from Rowfit International for $330 (plus delivery) at https://