2017 SL Racing Single Scull

SL Racing is a New Zealand boat manufacturer (see link https://www.slracing.co.nz/products/singles-scull-rowing-boat-skiff/)

Boat Rego: SLREX1014 Model: 1.1

Average Crew Weight: 70-75 Kg

Boat Weight: 14kg

This boat was used mainly in 2018 and 2019 and then has had limited use. It is in excellent condition (near new) condition. Has an aluminium wing rigger with carbon fibre backstays. For those of you who know nothing about SL Racing Boats, they are exceptionally well made to an extremely high standard. This boat is a pure racing shell at minimum weight, rigid hull with a classic Empacher shape. It is just simply a beautiful boat to row.

Price: $7000

Located in Brisbane QLD

Contact Mark Game on mgame@aylwardgame.com.au or 0411 507 115