Sykes Single Scull for Sale

Sykes Single Scull (2014) Boat #6041 w FREE SPEED INCL.
Mould 30. Built in 2014. Boat weight 14.3kg.
*Includes Sykes Car Rack.
*Includes Boat Cover
I bought it from AIS in 2018 and it’s in Excellent condition.
Hasn’t been Christened with a name as yet, so no Bad Omens if you wish to name him/her.
Crew weight 95kg+
Quick Release Shoe System
Alloy Wing Rigger with backstays included, set up to be quick rigging.
Equipped with NK stroke meter cabling but no impeller on the hull.
Mostly it’s been wrapped up on high racks for the past 2 years.
Located in the YYRC shed in Melbourne.
Has been very well looked after, with bow and stern wrapped after each row to protect the boat.
New Fin fitted in 2021. Dead straight 😉

Priced $8,000. Please no time-wasters.

Photos Available.

Contact Lachlan Sleeman on 0432 655 495 or