Rowing in Paradise

Mildura Rowing Club is one of Australian
Rowing’s best kept secrets. Located in North
Western Victoria on the mighty Murray River,
Mildura RC was founded in 1909. The club
has recently built a brand-new boat shed that
includes a function space, catering facility and
café. There is only one word to describe their
new facility – impressive! The club is a very
easy five-minute walk to the Mildura CBD.
The new facility, and the infrastructure located
nearby, make Mildura Rowing Club an ideal
location for rowing programs looking to find
some private training space in a welcoming
and supportive environment. The club can
facilitate program directors in booking
accommodation (with several caravan parks
in the immediate area) and organising
catering as required.
The water on the Murray River surrounding
the club has minimal flow as just downstream
of the club is a regulated weir controlling the
flow of water. The result is an outstanding
piece of water, with the ability to row for over
100kms unimpeded on one direction!
By far Mildura RC’s best asset is the
members. Led by President, Nigel Sullivan,
the club has a broad spectrum of members
young and old that are passionate about
rowing and enthusiastic about sharing their
piece of rowing paradise with the Australian
Rowing Community. Nigel wants more
people to experience rowing in Mildura, “for
us the club is something we are immensely
proud of and something we want to share
with other rowers. Whether it is at our annual
Easter Regatta or through rowing camps, we
are keen to welcome rowers to the area and
facilitate their program in having a productive
and enjoyable experience”.
Australia has some of the most beautiful
bodies of water in the world to row on.
Magnificent water such as the Murray,
combined with a great facility such as Mildura
Rowing Club presents a fantastic opportunity
for Schools and Clubs alike.
If you are interested in having a rowing camp based from Mildura
Rowing Club, please contact Club President Nigel Sullivan on or 0458 212 240
The Mildura-Wentworth Regatta is held annually at Easter time
with events for age, grade and master’s rowers. Please check
the Rowing Victoria Calendar for dates for the 2020 regatta.