Oar Brackets by Space Saver Rowing Systems

Determining how to safely and efficiently store
equipment is a conundrum many rowing clubs
face. With space often at a premium, it is
important to ensure your equipment is being
stored in a way that makes the most of all
available space.
Oar brackets by Space Saver Rowing
Systems have been expertly designed to
optimise often unused vertical space in
rowing clubs, to safely and securely store
oars. The easy to use and install racks keep
oars organised, and also keep oars out of
harms way. Made from high quality
aluminium, the oar brackets can be
customised in a wide range of colours.
Customer Testimonials
“Space Saver racks allow us to make more
efficient use of limited space and are a
positive addition to the boathouse.” Tim
McLaren, UTS Rowing Club Head Coach/
U.S. Men’s National Rowing Team Coach “We have installed our racks successfully
and we are very pleased with the result.”
Minnie Cade, Albert Park College (VIC)
Available in four sizes, full sized sculling
(16 oar capacity), half sized sculling (8 oar
capacity), and full or half sized sweep
brackets, there is a storage solution for
boat sheds of any size.
For more information, or to discuss the best
storage solution for your boat shed, contact
Douglas on 0439 924 660 or visit https://