NK EmPower Oarlock (Scull)

Used for 1 season exclusively in clear water, this EmPower oarlock is the perfect training tool. Direct feedback on stroke length, power, catch slip… this gate will take your training to the next level. 

As a coach, I used it with single scullers preparing for GB trials. We worked on effective length at race pace and to find critical power to pace the perfect time-trial. Then I used it with a M2x in preparation for the 2019 World Cup 1. In a couple of sessions, we optimised the athletes peak power position using the direct feedback from the gates.

If you can’t train by speed because of the stream. If you want to pace a time-trial or race. If you want to optimise your training then this gate is the answer. You can even stream your data live to your coach.

This items comes with calibration tools. You will need an NK SpeedCoach GPS 2 with training pack and a smartphone.

Price: $900
Contact Felix at felix.dieu@gmail.com