Liteboat – A French-built single scull- as new

Dear WA rowers and future rowers,
I recently purchased a “Liteboat”, single scull rowing boat from Sykes.
I unfortunately injured myself prior to its arrival, which prevents me from enjoying it
It is French-made and is the first in Perth.
Specifications are on “Google” under Liteboat,  “the little boat you should have”. I have the LSx1 – C model. (carbon)
It is 23kg, stable, and a delight to row. I managed 6 rows.
It handles the chop and boat wash etc well and is easy to re-enter mid-water if needed. It is not competitive like other single sculls but fabulous for recreational rowers, beginners and family members.
It cost me $9200 for the carbon model including oars (Concept 2), freight plus tax.
I hope to sell it for that less 10% say around $8200.

Thank you.
Kind regards
Richard Jolly (0458900115 or