*Price reduction* Leo Coastal single

 Imported from Sweden (Leo Coastal rowing), via New Zealand.

Length: 5.84 m, beam: 0.75 m,  Weight: 35 kg, black in colour (some scratch marks to paint from loadings and transport), has attachments for security line both fore and aft and tows well behind boat, outfitted with bouyancy compartments, a watertight hatch for valuables , storage for a water bottle and NK,speedcoach bracket.

Carbon seat, rowfit fully adjustable foot stretcher, easyfit riggers. 

Its a beauty to row and surfs like a dream, its exactly the same motion as conventional sculling but the boat can handle rough water. 

Ideal for either the coastal rower or river rower looking for a rough water training boat.  

Price: $4000 

Located in Albury, NSW

Contact Richard McMahon on 0438445767 or richardjmcmahon55@gmail.com