Expedition Rowing Skiff – 4.6 metre Joansa Design Excellent condition

Excellent condition – Photos available by text or email
• Joansa Design – New Zealand
• Lapstrake ply epoxy Resin construction
• Sykes designed outriggers and sliding seat with carbon fibre oars
• Front and rear watertight lockers
• A range of boat covers for storage and camping.
• Dunbier Road Trailer with lights.
This boat was built in 2013 by my father (who built around about 15 yachts during his life) specifically for his unsupported 2,214km trip along the Murray River from the Hume Weir to Goolwa He completed in 44 days and the boat has sat in his garage ever since.
It is based on the Joansa Design which he modified to include watertight lockers and a Sykes sculling rig. It is 4.6 metres long with a 1.18 metre beam.
It rows, tracks, and runs beautifully. It is a capable bay/lake/estuary/river boat and has been designed for medium to longer length self-supported trips.
The boat is in excellent condition. Sorry about the pictures, they are all we had… but I can take some more if you need before viewing. Information about the Joansa Design can be found here.
We also have a Concept Two Rowing ergo to help you train for your trip
Located in Blairgowrie (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)
Enquiries – Richard Jennings 0407 676 575