Month: August 2020

Filippi Coxless Quad/Four – 2018

Boat is in excellent condition Mould #f31 (70-85kgs Crew Weight) Photos of the boat can be seen here: Video can be seen here: Manufactured in 2018 Carbon Wing Sculling Riggers Aluminium wing sweep riggers (full set to bow/tandem rig) Rigger covers for carbon riggers Boat can be viewed at the Perfect Balance Rowing

2016 Hudson U1.31 Ultimate Super Predator Single Scull

Top of the line with full carbon everything as per the Hudson Boat website (  Boat comes with all of Hudson’s USP extras which include:• padded rigger cover,• trestles,• padded boat cover,• spares kit,• tool kit,• bat logic shoes size 12US,• bat logic shoe erg converter shoe plate – all new.• set of Concept 2,