Month: August 2017

Concept 2 Model E ergometer

Model E with many additions. Very good condition. Several years old, though hardly used. Tilting seat, vent modified to keep you cool while working out. Additional soft heel straps to allow working with bare feet. Secret motor…only kidding. New with all the additions is 2K, I would be happy with $1000. Located in Brisbane. Contact

4x+/4+ and 4+

As part of a fleet turnover, Redlands (Sydney, NSW) has the following boats for sale: QUAD/FOUR – $4,000 – WinTech Competitor – 2008 – Bow coxed – Quick release wing riggers – 75 to 85kg crew average – Raced throughout the 2016/2017 season including NSW Boys HOR – Good Condition FOUR – $2,000 – Ausrowtec