2010 Hudson Super Predator 1x

2010 Hudson Super Predator 1x

Kept in immaculate shape. Lightweight mens mould (75kg)

Every single working part has been replaced in the last 6 months including:

  • New Slides
  • New Wheels
  • New Croker Seat
  • New Nike Omada shoes
  • New Batlogic quick release system
  • New Croker footplate
  • New Pins
  • New Gates

The boat also comes with relatively new Croker Arrow S39 softs and a 3 month old GPS Speed Coach 2 with training pack and heart rate monitor. Included are a set of back arms, boat cover and oar cover. I also have many spares including a Dreher seat, old slides, Nike shoes etc.

Boat is currently located in Geelong but can be transported to Adelaide or Victoria by car, and if necessary can be taken to other states on one of the Sykes trailers.

Price: $9000

For enquiries and photos please call or text Tex MacIntosh on 0437334020