1954 Sigi Tantner built Clinker tub pair sections

For sale by Commercial Rowing Club Brisbane – the bow and stern sections of a Clinker built tub pair which was one of 2 identical tub pairs built in 1954 by Sigi Tantner.
Sigi Tantner had migrated from Germany with his wife and made a business of building and repairing rowing boats for several Brisbane rowing clubs but mainly residing at Commercial.
The 2 tub pairs were named the Wally Hughes and the Arnold Eastman – both famous men in the history of CRC.
The boat ends we have for sale are of the Wally Hughes.
The boat was repaired and made into 2 sections suitable for carrying a table top in 2019.

Price: $500 per section

Located in Brisbane, QLD

Contact Helen on 0412 009 051